Delete user menu, change to lqp theme?

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Delete user menu, change to lqp theme?

In the lqp theme or how it's called, one has the my account/logout buttons in the upper right corner, so that the user menu becomes redundant. What about switching it off?
And: Is there a reason - apart from the "none" bar on the frontpage - for not switching to the new theme alltogether? I like it much more then the current default theme. The only thing that could be discussed from my point of view is the "add new content menu". I find myself clicking in this menu when I just want to open pages linked in the top menu.. and since most of the times using the site one would not add new content, we could discuss if we don't want to move this menu into one item "add new content" in the main menu, with a drop down list, and get rid of the sidebar completely. What do you think?

LQP Theme

I'll take care of the template for title-free blocks "" asap. We could put the "Add New Content" menu inside the menu bar using the superfish module. Also, I'd still like to go through the individual site's css files to add my favourite ingredient - uniformity - but since that would change the theme only in minor ways I also vote for an early theme-switching. More opinions?

would the superfish make the

would the superfish make the menu look like the "events" submenu?


Yes, the events menu has also been configured using "superfish".

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