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Suggestions for LQP2 theme

Feel free to add your suggestions here.

What about moving the "add

What about moving the "add new content" menu to the main menu? I think it gets too much attention in its current position and can be somewhat confusing

Add Content in Main Menu

We actually tried this version on Friday and found that the layout looks a bit distorted without any block on the left sidebar. However, you can try out that setting by putting "Superfish" Block #2 into the Main Menu again and disabling our handcrafted "Add new content" block. ;-)

My suggestion would be to at least substitute the left sidebar content with some context dependent links, like for example
-listing of affiliations on people page
-switching view modes on the events page
-switching between textbooks/theses/etc in the bibliography section
-moving Q&A tabs into a block (?)

-try what our layout looks like if we just shrink the container width by the amount that used to go into the left sidebar.

We'll supposedly have another awesome LQP2 hacking session this Friday, then we can try some variations.

>> My suggestion would be to

>> My suggestion would be to at least substitute the left sidebar content with some context dependent links, like for example

I like that ... actually one could also list a link "add new paper" on the paper page, "add new event" on the events page etc. And when there is more space on the left, also the search module could be moved to the left. I'll join in on Friday =)

Add new content in Menu bar

Correction: To add "Add new Content" to the menu bar, activate the first entry in the "Navigation" Menu. (structure/menus/...)

When logged in, the design of

When logged in, the design of the front page looks kind of broken since there is no sidebar. I think the blocks in the main section are way too wide. Is there gonna be a context menu or something else?

Also for the "Add" part of the main menu I would choose a different symbol than \bigoplus. Maybe just an image displaying a +?

I do like the context menues in the other sections.

frontpage sidebar

Agreed, without any blocks the content region is far too wide. How about we move the "News" and "Added since last login" lists to the sidebar? This way we could also reduce the vertical size of , which for example on 1366x768px resolution leads to some serious scrollbar.

On some pages there is no

On some pages there is no sidebar at the moment (frontpage and sub pages for Q&A, forum, persons), but of course we could add one if we find something useful to put there.. I'm not sure if the "added since last login" would fit nicely on the relatively narrow side bar, but we can give it a try.

I also don't like the $\bigoplus$, it should be considered a replacement for something better to come.

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