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broken search

When clicking on an author's name somewhere, the search page comes up, but the search is broken ... did anybody change something here? Or was there a module update which caused this?

author link

Right now, the links associated to author names are under construction (via taxonomy hooks); the aim is to make these links add the corresponding entry of the author facet instead of showing the default taxonomy page. However, it is not yet clear that a plain link is sufficient or if we have to dig deeper into the facet api.

Should we maybe deactivate the taxonomy hook in the meantime?

Finally we got it to work the

Finally we got it to work the way we want to (code in the templates was cutting of parts of the URIs)

Search form

Our searchhacks module now also supports putting the search form in its own block (since friday) and now also avoids the original search form by searchhacks_menu_alter'ing search_api_menu's callback to search_api_page_view into searchhacks_clip_page. This just invokes the original page callback and unsets the $...['form'] part of the return.

Still a potential bug-generator is our way of obtaining the current search term and re-inserting it into our custom form, maybe we'll find a cleaner way for that...

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