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author names

We still have the problem that author names appear in different forms, e.g. first name spelled out or abbreviated, with or without middle initial, etc. Any idea what the best solution to this is?

Another related point is that full names are always sorted by first names, which is not the usual behaviour. Should we split names into first and last names? Suggestions?

Author names

we just discussed the issue with multiple naming conventions and found there are several options:

  • manually change the terms using the Taxonomy Manager module
  • building a custom module that reroutes terms with deprecated naming format or
  • even enforcing the correct syntax at taxonomy term creation time.

I'm assuming that the author term name sorting problem mainly refers to the search facet? In this case, a relatively straightforward/sophisticated/drupal-way solution is in sight, since facet_api (as described here, section "Sorting order") provides hooks for (a) providing additional sorting modes and (b) the corresponding callback function comparing two list entries

greetz ck

Sorting in the search facets

Sorting in the search facets should be correct now (again); the hook implementing the above solution is part of the searchhacks module, which was disabled due to the unresolved problems with the taxonomy page-facet interaction.

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