Group Cohomology, Modular Theory and Space-time Symmetries

Romeo Brunetti, Daniele Guido, Roberto Longo
January 18, 1994
The Bisognano-Wichmann property on the geometric behavior of the modular group of the von Neumann algebras of local observables associated to wedge regions in Quantum Field Theory is shown to provide an intrinsic sufficient criterion for the existence of a covariant action of the (universal covering of) the Poincaré group. In particular this gives, together with our previous results, an intrinsic characterization of positive-energy conformal pre-cosheaves of von Neumann algebras. To this end we adapt to our use Moore theory of central extensions of locally compact groups by polish groups, selecting and making an analysis of a wider class of extensions with natural measurable properties and showing henceforth that the universal covering of the Poincaré group has only trivial central extensions (vanishing of the first and second order cohomology) within our class.