A skeletal model for 2d conformal AQFTs

Marco Benini, Luca Giorgetti, Alexander Schenkel
November 02, 2021
A simple model for the localization of the category $\mathbf{CLoc}_2$ of oriented and time-oriented globally hyperbolic conformal Lorentzian $2$-manifolds at all Cauchy morphisms is constructed. This provides an equivalent description of $2$-dimensional conformal algebraic quantum field theories (AQFTs) satisfying the time-slice axiom in terms of only two algebras, one for the $2$-dimensional Minkowski spacetime and one for the flat cylinder, together with a suitable action of two copies of the orientation preserving embeddings of oriented $1$-manifolds. The latter result is used to construct adjunctions between the categories of $2$-dimensional and chiral conformal AQFTs whose right adjoints formalize and generalize Rehren's chiral observables.

algebraic quantum field theory, conformal field theory, localization of categories