The unitary Master Ward Identity: Time slice axiom, Noether's Theorem and Anomalies

Romeo Brunetti, Michael Dütsch, Klaus Fredenhagen, Kasia Rejzner
August 30, 2021
The C*-algebraic formulation of generic interacting quantum field theories, recently presented by Detlev Buchholz and one of the authors (KF), is enriched by a unitary version of the Master Ward Identity, which was postulated some time ago by Franz Marc Boas, Ferdinand Brennecke and two of us (MD,KF). It is shown that the corresponding axiom implies the validity of the time slice axiom. Moreover, it opens the way for a new approach to Noether's Theorem where it yields directly the unitaries implementing the symmetries. It also unravels interesting aspects of the role of anomalies in quantum field theory.