Smooth 1-dimensional algebraic quantum field theories

Marco Benini, Marco Perin, Alexander Schenkel
October 26, 2020
This paper proposes a refinement of the usual concept of algebraic quantum field theories (AQFTs) to theories that are smooth in the sense that they assign to every smooth family of spacetimes a smooth family of observable algebras. Using stacks of categories, this proposal is realized concretely for the simplest case of 1-dimensional spacetimes, leading to a stack of smooth 1-dimensional AQFTs. Concrete examples of smooth AQFTs and also of smooth families of smooth AQFTs are constructed. The main open problems that arise in generalizing these techniques to higher-dimensional AQFTs are identified and discussed.

algebraic quantum field theory, stacks of categories, vertical geometry of fiber bundles, smoothly parametrized differential equations