Algebraic quantum field theory on spacetimes with timelike boundary

Marco Benini, Claudio Dappiaggi, Alexander Schenkel
December 18, 2017
We analyze quantum field theories on spacetimes $M$ with timelike boundary from a model-independent perspective. We construct an adjunction which describes a universal extension to the whole spacetime $M$ of theories defined only on the interior $\mathrm{int}M$. The unit of this adjunction is a natural isomorphism, which implies that our universal extension satisfies Kay's F-locality property. Our main result is the following characterization theorem: Every quantum field theory on $M$ that is additive from the interior (i.e.\ generated by observables localized in the interior) admits a presentation by a quantum field theory on the interior $\mathrm{int}M$ and an ideal of its universal extension that is trivial on the interior. We shall illustrate our constructions by applying them to the free Klein-Gordon field.

algebraic quantum field theory, timelike boundaries