The K-homology of nets of C*-algebras

Giuseppe Ruzzi, Ezio Vasselli
October 29, 2014
Let X be a space, intended as a possibly curved spacetime, and A a precosheaf of C*-algebras over X. Motivated by algebraic quantum field theory, we study the Kasparov and Theta-summable K-homology of A interpreting them in terms of the holonomy equivariant K-homology of the associated C*-dynamical system. This yields a characteristic class for K-homology cycles of A with values in the odd cohomology of X, that we interpret as a generalized statistical dimension.
open access link Journal of Geometry and Physics 86 (2014) 476-491
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Nets of C*-algebras, K-homology, QFT on curved spacetimes