Added file in "paper (import)"

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Added file in "paper (import)"

I uploaded a file while using the "paper (import)" form, a single page PDF, and added the description "one-page "poster" for the arXiv file" (as I remember the text that I entered). This "supporting material" for the arXiv paper displayed correctly on the preview page, but as far as I can tell does not display after I saved the submission. The arXiv link is correct, so this is not an immediate problem.

Thanks for your comment and

Thanks for your comment and sorry for the inconvenience!
The uploaded file has now been restored, I'm currently working on displaying the description correctly, instead of the generic label "article file".
Best regards, Christian

Thanks, no worries. I'm using

Thanks, no worries. I'm using the file upload field and the description field for a somewhat non-standard purpose, so I was asking for trouble.

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