Systems of classical particles in the grand canonical ensemble, scaling limits and quantum field theory

Sergio Albeverio, Hanno Gottschalk, Minoru W. Yoshida
January 11, 2006
Euclidean quantum fields obtained as solutions of stochastic partial pseudo differential equations driven by a Poisson white noise have paths given by locally integrable functions. This makes it possible to define a class of ultra-violet finite local interactions for these models (in any space-time dimension). The corresponding interacting Euclidean quantum fields can be identified with systems of classical "charged" particles in the grand canonical ensemble with an interaction given by a nonlinear energy density of the "static field" generated by the particles' charges via a "generalized Poisson equation". The infinite volume limit of such systems is discussed for models with trigonometric interactions using a representation of such models as Widom-Rowlinson models associated with a (formal) Potts models at imaginary temperature. The continuum limit of the particle systems under consideration is also investigated and the formal analogy with the scaling limit of renormalization group theory is pointed out. In some simple cases the question of (non-) triviality of the continuum limits is clarified.

Euclidean quantum field theories, scaling limits, stochastic constructions