Wedge Local Deformations of Charged Fields leading to Anyonic Commutation Relations

Matthias Plaschke
August 30, 2012
The method of deforming free fields by using multiplication operators on Fock space, introduced by G. Lechner in [11], is generalized to a charged free field on two- and three-dimensional Minkowski space. In this case the deformation function can be chosen in such a way that the deformed fields satisfy generalized commutation relations, i.e. they behave like Anyons instead of Bosons. The fields are "polarization free" in the sense that they create only one-particle states from the vacuum and they are localized in wedges (or "paths of wedges"), which makes it possible to circumvent a No-Go theorem by J. Mund [12], stating that there are no free Anyons localized in spacelike cones. The two-particle scattering matrix, however, can be defined and is different from unity.