Classification of Local Conformal Nets. Case c < 1

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Roberto Longo
January 08, 2002
We completely classify diffeomorphism covariant local nets of von Neumann algebras on the circle with central charge c less than 1. The irreducible ones are in bijective correspondence with the pairs of $A-D_{2n}-E_{6,8}$ Dynkin diagrams such that the difference of their Coxeter numbers is equal to 1. We first identify the nets generated by irreducible representations of the Virasoro algebra for c<1 with certain coset nets. Then, by using the classification of modular invariants for the minimal models by Cappelli-Itzykson-Zuber and the method of alpha-induction in subfactor theory, we classify all local irreducible extensions of the Virasoro nets for c<1 and infer our main classification result. As an application, we identify in our classification list certain concrete coset nets studied in the literature.
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