The Structure of Charges in the Ultraviolet and an Intrinsic Notion of Confinement

Gerardo Morsella
January 18, 2002
After a brief account of the algebraic version of renormalization group developed by Buchholz and Verch, and of the main results of the Doplicher-Haag- Roberts theory of superselection sectors, we introduce the notion of asymptotic charge transfer chain, through which it is possible to reconstruct the scaling limit theory's superselection structure entirely in terms of underlying theory's observables. Furthermore, these objects allow the formulation of a natural notion of preservation of a charge in the scaling limit, so that one gets an intrinsic definition of confined charges, as those charges of the scaling limit which do not come from preserved charges of the underlying theory. This is an expository account of the results. Proofs will be published elsewhere.