Area Law for Localization-Entropy in Local Quantum Physics

Bert Schroer
November 21, 2001
The previously developed algebraic lightfront holography is used in conjunction with the tensor splitting of the chiral theory on the causal horizon. In this way a universal area law for the entanglement entropy of the vacuum relative to the split (tensor factorized) vacuum is obtained. The universality of the area law is a result of the kinematical structure of the properly defined lightfront degrees of freedom. We consider this entropy associated with causal horizon of the wedge algebra in Minkowski spacetime as an analog of the quantum Bekenstein black hole entropy similar to the way in which the Unruh temperature for the wedge algebra may be viewed as an analog in Minkowski spacetime of the Hawking thermal behavior. My more recent preprint hep-th/0202085 presents other aspects of the same problem.