Charged sectors, spin and statistics in quantum field theory on curved spacetimes

Daniele Guido, Roberto Longo, John E. Roberts, Rainer Verch
June 22, 1999
The first part of this paper extends the Doplicher-Haag-Roberts theory of superselection sectors to quantum field theory on arbitrary globally hyperbolic spacetimes. The statistics of a superselection sector may be defined as in flat spacetime and each charge has a conjugate charge when the spacetime possesses non-compact Cauchy surfaces. In this case, the field net and the gauge group can be constructed as in Minkowski spacetime. The second part of this paper derives spin-statistics theorems on spacetimes with appropriate symmetries. Two situations are considered: First, if the spacetime has a bifurcate Killing horizon, as is the case in the presence of black holes, then restricting the observables to the Killing horizon together with "modular covariance" for the Killing flow yields a conformally covariant quantum field theory on the circle and a conformal spin-statistics theorem for charged sectors localizable on the Killing horizon. Secondly, if the spacetime has a rotation and PT symmetry like the Schwarzschild-Kruskal black holes, "geometric modular action" of the rotational symmetry leads to a spin-statistics theorem for charged covariant sectors where the spin is defined via the SU(2)-covering of the spatial rotation group SO(3).

Superselection Theory, QFT on curved spacetimes