Spectral triples and the super-Virasoro algebra

Sebastiano Carpi, Robin Hillier, Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Roberto Longo
November 25, 2008
We construct infinite dimensional spectral triples associated with representations of the super-Virasoro algebra. In particular the irreducible, unitary positive energy representation of the Ramond algebra with central charge $c$ and minimal lowest weight $h=c/24$ is graded and gives rise to a net of even theta-summable spectral triples with non-zero Fredholm index. The irreducible unitary positive energy representations of the Neveu-Schwarz algebra give rise to nets of even theta-summable generalised spectral triples where there is no Dirac operator but only a superderivation.

spectral triples, super-Virasoro algebra, Ramond algebra, Neveu-Schwarz algebra