Do confinement and darkness have the same conceptual roots?

Bert Schroer
February 25, 2008
In this note the connection between "perfect dark matter" and string-localization as the tightest noncompact localized matter is pursued in the context of Yang Mills theories. A programmatic approach based on the observation that behind the serious infrared problems which prevented the use of the axial gauge there is unique covariant semiinfinite string-like field, which flucuates in the endpoint as well as in the string direction, is formulated and the open problems are explained. Whereas hitherto the gauge formalism in its local gauge invariants accounted for the observed hadrons the new formalism based on the consistent use of string-localized vectorpotentials has a good chance to unravel the nonlocal part in which energy-momentum carrying dark/confined objects (gluons, quarks,..) may be residing.

string-like fields, gauge field theories