Modular Wedge Localization and the d=1+1 Formfactor Program

Bert Schroer
December 12, 1997
In this paper I continue the study of the new framework of modular localization and its constructive use in the nonperturbative d=1+1 Karowski-Weisz-Smirnov formfactor program. Particular attention is focussed on the existence of semilocal generators of the wedge-localized algebra without vauum polarization (FWG-operators) which are closely related to objects fulfilling the Zamolodchikov-Faddeev algebraic structure. They generate a ``thermal Hilbert space'' and allow to understand the equivalence of the KMS conditions with the so-called cyclicity equation for formfactors which was known to be closely related to crossing symmetry properties. The modular setting gives rise to interesting new ideas on ``free'' d=2+1 anyons and plektons.