On the Existence of Kink-(Soliton-)States

Dirk Schlingemann
December 14, 1995
There are several two dimensional quantum field theory models which are equipped with different vacuum states. For example the Sine-Gordon- and the $\phi^4_2$-model. It is known that in these models there are also states, called soliton- or kink-states, which interpolate different vacua. We consider the following question: Which are the properties a pair of vacuum sates must have, such that an interpolating kink-state can be constructed? Since we are interested in structural aspects and not in specific details of a given model, we are going to discuss this question in the framework of algebraic quantum field theory which includes, for example, the $P(\phi)_2$-models. We have shown that for a large class of vacuum states, including the vacua of the $P(\phi)_2$-models, there is a natural way to construct an interpolating kink-state.