Scaling Algebras and Superselection Sectors: Study of a Class of Models

Claudio D'Antoni, Gerardo Morsella
November 25, 2005
We analyse a class of quantum field theory models illustrating some of the possibilities that have emerged in the general study of the short distance properties of superselection sectors, performed in a previous paper (together with R. Verch). In particular, we show that for each pair (G, N), with G a compact Lie group and N a closed normal subgroup, there is a net of observable algebras which has (a subset of) DHR sectors in 1-1 correspondence with classes of irreducible representations of G, and such that only the sectors corresponding to representations of G/N are preserved in the scaling limit. In the way of achieving this result, we derive sufficient conditions under which the scaling limit of a tensor product theory coincides with the product of the scaling limit theories.

scaling limits, Superselection Theory