On Soliton Automorphisms in Massive and Conformal Theories

Michael Müger
March 06, 1998
For massive and conformal quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions with a global gauge group we consider soliton automorphisms, viz. automorphisms of the quasilocal algebra which act like two different global symmetry transformations on the left and right spacelike complements of a bounded region. We give a unified treatment by providing a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence and Poincare' covariance of soliton automorphisms which is applicable to a large class of theories. In particular, our construction applies to the QFT models with the local Fock property -- in which case the latter property is the only input from constructive QFT we need -- and to holomorphic conformal field theories. In conformal QFT soliton representations appear as twisted sectors, and in a subsequent paper our results will be used to give a rigorous analysis of the superselection structure of orbifolds of holomorphic theories.
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