An Algebraic Jost-Schroer Theorem for Massive Theories

Jens Mund
December 07, 2010
We consider a purely massive local relativistic quantum theory specified by a family of von Neumann algebras indexed by the space-time regions. We assume that, affiliated with the local algebras, there are operators which create only single particle states from the vacuum and are well-behaved under the space-time translations. Strengthening a result of Borchers, Buchholz and Schroer, we show that then the theory is unitarily equivalent to that of a free field for the corresponding particle type. We admit particles with any spin and localization of the charge in space-like cones, thereby covering the case of string-localized covariant quantum fields.
open access link Commun. Math. Phys. 315 (2012) 445-464
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string localized quantum fields