From vertex operator superalgebras to graded-local conformal nets and back

Sebastiano Carpi, Tiziano Gaudio, Robin Hillier
April 27, 2023
We generalize the Carpi-Kawahigashi-Longo-Weiner correspondence between vertex operator algebras and conformal nets to the case of vertex operator superalgebras and graded-local conformal nets by introducing the notion of strongly graded-local vertex operator superalgebra. Then we apply our machinery to a number of well-known examples including superconformal field theory models. We also prove that all lattice VOSAs are strongly graded-local. Furthermore, we prove strong graded-locality of the super-Moonshine VOSA, whose group of automorphisms preserving the superconformal structure is isomorphic to Conway's largest sporadic simple group, and of the shorter Moonshine VOSA, whose automorphisms group is isomorphic to the direct product of the baby Monster with a cyclic group of order two.