Energy bounds for vertex operator algebra extensions

Sebastiano Carpi, Luca Tomassini
March 24, 2023
Let V be a simple unitary vertex operator algebra and U be a (polynomially) energy-bounded unitary subalgebra containing the conformal vector of V. We give two sufficient conditions implying that V is energy-bounded. The first condition is that U is a compact orbifold for some compact group G of unitary automorphisms of V. The second condition is that V is exponentially energy-bounded and it is a finite direct sum of simple U-modules. As consequence of the second condition, we prove that if U is a regular energy-bounded unitary subalgebra of a simple unitary vertex operator V, then $V$ is energy-bounded. In particular, every simple unitary extension (with the same conformal vector) of a simple unitary affine vertex operator algebra associated with a semisimple Lie algebra is energy-bounded.