The semiclassical limit on a star-graph with Kirchhoff conditions

Claudio Cacciapuoti, Davide Fermi, Andrea Posilicano
May 08, 2020
We consider the dynamics of a quantum particle of mass $m$ on a $n$-edges star-graph with Hamiltonian $H_K=-(2m)^{-1}\hbar^2 \Delta$ and Kirchhoff conditions in the vertex. We describe the semiclassical limit of the quantum evolution of an initial state supported on one of the edges and close to a Gaussian coherent state. We define the limiting classical dynamics through a Liouville operator on the graph, obtained by means of Kre\u{\i}n's theory of singular perturbations of self-adjoint operators. For the same class of initial states, we study the semiclassical limit of the wave and scattering operators for the couple $(H_K,H_{D}^{\oplus})$, where $H_{D}^{\oplus}$ is the free Hamiltonian with Dirichlet conditions in the vertex.