Strict deformation quantization and local spin interactions

Nicolò Drago, Christiaan J. F. van de Ven
October 19, 2022
We define a strict deformation quantization which is compatible with any Hamiltonian with local spin interaction (e.g. the Heisenberg Hamiltonian) for a spin chain with periodic boundary conditions. This is a generalization of previous results known for mean-field theories. The main idea is to study the asymptotic properties of a suitably defined algebra of sequences invariant under the group generated by a cyclic permutation. Our point of view is similar to the one adopted by Landsman, Moretti and van de Ven, who considered a strict deformation quantization for the case of mean-field theories. However, the methods for a local spin interaction are considerably more involved, due to the presence of a strictly smaller symmetry group.