Asymptotic Completeness of a Class of Massive Wedge-Local Quantum Field Theories in any Dimension

Maximilian Duell, Wojciech Dybalski
November 08, 2021
A recently developed n-particle scattering theory for wedge-local quantum field theories is applied to a class of models described and constructed by Grosse, Lechner, Buchholz, and Summers. In the BLS-deformation setting we establish explicit expressions for n-particle wave operators and the S-matrix of ordered asymptotic states, and we show that ordered asymptotic completeness is stable under the general BLS-deformation construction. In particular the (ordered) Grosse-Lechner S-matrices are non-trivial also beyond two-particle scattering and factorize into 2-particle scattering processes, which is an unusual feature in space-time dimension d > 1 + 1. Most notably, the Grosse-Lechner models provide the first examples of relativistic (wedge-local) QFT in space-time dimension d > 1 + 1 which are interacting and asymptotically complete.