High energy bounds on wave operators

Henning Bostelmann, Daniela Cadamuro, Gandalf Lechner
December 23, 2019
The wave operators $W_\pm(H_1,H_0)$ of two selfadjoint operators $H_0$ and $H_1$ are analyzed at asymptotic spectral values. Sufficient conditions for $\|(W_\pm(H_1,H_0)-P_{1}^\mathrm{ac}P_{0}^\mathrm{ac})f(H_0)\| <\infty$ are given, where $P_{j}^\mathrm{ac}$ projects onto the subspace of absolutely continuous spectrum of $H_j$ and $f$ is an unbounded function ($f$-boundedness), both in the case of trace-class perturbations and in terms of the high-energy behaviour of the boundary values of the resolvent of $H_0$ (smooth method). Examples include $f$-boundedness for the perturbed polyharmonic operator and for Schr\"odinger operators with matrix-valued potentials. We discuss an application to the problem of quantum backflow.