Dynamical C*-algebras and kinetic perturbations

Detlev Buchholz, Klaus Fredenhagen
August 05, 2020
The framework of dynamical C*-algebras for scalar fields in Minkowski space, based on local scattering operators, is extended to theories with locally perturbed kinetic terms. These terms encode information about the underlying spacetime metric, so the causality relations between the scattering operators have to be adjusted accordingly. It is shown that the extended algebra describes scalar quantum fields, propagating in locally deformed Minkowski spaces. Concrete representations of the abstract scattering operators, inducing this motion, are known to exist on Fock space. The proof that these representers also satisfy the generalized causality relations requires, however, novel arguments of a cohomological nature. They imply that Fock space representations of the extended dynamical C*-algebra exist, involving linear as well as kinetic and pointlike quadratic perturbations of the field.