Scale and Möbius covariance in two-dimensional Haag-Kastler net

Vincenzo Morinelli, Yoh Tanimoto
July 12, 2018
Given a two-dimensional Haag-Kastler net which is Poincar\'e-dilation covariant with additional properties, we prove that it can be extended to a M\"obius covariant net. Additional properties are either a certain condition on modular covariance, or a variant of strong additivity. The proof relies neither on the existence of stress-energy tensor nor any assumption on scaling dimensions. We exhibit some examples of Poincar\'e-dilation covariant net which cannot be extended to a M\"obius covariant net, and discuss the obstructions.
open access link doi:10.1007/s00220-019-03410-x article file
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