Geometric Pseudodifferential Calculus on (Pseudo-)Riemannian Manifolds

Jan Dereziński, Adam Latosiński, Daniel Siemssen
June 05, 2018
One can argue that on flat space $\mathbb{R}^d$ the Weyl quantization is the most natural choice and that it has the best properties (e.g. symplectic covariance, real symbols correspond to Hermitian operators). On a generic manifold, there is no distinguished quantization, and a quantization is typically defined chart-wise. Here we introduce a quantization that, we believe, has the best properties for studying natural operators on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds. It is a generalization of the Weyl quantization - we call it the balanced geometric Weyl quantization. Among other things, we prove that it maps square integrable symbols to Hilbert-Schmidt operators, and that it maps even (resp. odd) polynomials to even (resp. odd) differential operators. We also present a formula for the corresponding star product and give its asymptotic expansion up to the 4th order in Planck's constant.