The Fermionic Signature Operator and Quantum States in Rindler Space-Time

Felix Finster, Simone Murro, Christian Röken
June 13, 2016
The fermionic signature operator is constructed in Rindler space-time. It is shown to be an unbounded self-adjoint operator on the Hilbert space of solutions of the massive Dirac equation. In two-dimensional Rindler space-time, we prove that the resulting fermionic projector state coincides with the Fulling-Rindler vacuum. Moreover, the fermionic signature operator gives a covariant construction of general thermal states, in particular of the Unruh state. The fermionic signature operator is shown to be well-defined in asymptotically Rindler space-times. In four-dimensional Rindler space-time, our construction gives rise to new quantum states.

Hadamard state, KMS states, Rindler Spacetime, Fermionic Signature Operator, massive Dirac equation