Construction of Kink Sectors for Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory Models. An Algebraic Approach

Dirk Schlingemann
February 24, 1999
Several two-dimensional quantum field theory models have more than one vacuum state. Familiar examples are the Sine-Gordon and the $\phi^4_2$-model. It is known that in these models there are also states, called kink states, which interpolate different vacua. A general construction scheme for kink states in the framework of algebraic quantum field theory is developed in a previous paper. However, for the application of this method, the crucial condition is the split property for wedge algebras in the vacuum representations of the considered models. It is believed that the vacuum representations of $P(\phi)_2$-models fulfill this condition, but a rigorous proof is only known for the massive free scalar field. Therefore, we investigate in a construction of kink states which can directly be applied to a large class of quantum field theory models, by making use of the properties of the dynamics of a $P(\phi)_2$ and Yukawa$_2$ models.
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kink states, interacting models, two-dimensional models